Te rurukutanga mahi toko i te ora i ngā mate ohotata
Welfare coordination in emergencies

The delivery of welfare in emergency management is made up of emergency services, social and health services and non-government organisations. We work together to minimise and address the impacts of an emergency on individuals, whānau and communities.

Auckland Emergency Management (AEM) is responsible for the overall coordination of welfare services in an emergency. This is delivered in partnership through the Auckland Welfare Coordination Group (AWCG).

The AWCG work together to plan for and respond to emergencies through the development of a shared plan of action that can be followed in the event of an emergency. When an emergency event occurs, it is crucial for AWCG agencies and others to provide a coordinated approach
to responding to the impacts on individuals, whānau and communities.
The AWCG is supported by the National Welfare Coordination Group (NWCG). They provide strategic support and guidance of planning, development and coordination.

Auckland Welfare Plan has been developed by AEM and the AWCG to show the way we work and the work we do.

Auckland Welfare Plan

Auckland Welfare Plan - Easy read version