Hanga mahere mō ō mōkai me ērā atu kararehe

Plan for your pets and other animals

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Your animals are your responsibility. You need to include them in your emergency planning and preparation.


  • Include essential supplies for your pets in your grab bag and emergency supplies. Store enough food, water and supplies for your animals for three days or more. Remember that animals often drink more water than usual when under stress.
  • Make sure you microchip your pets. Register them with the New Zealand Companion Animal Register (NZCAR). Keep these details up to date and include details for an out-of-region contact.
  • Review your pet insurance policy to see if it covers emergencies.
  • Make arrangements with friends or relatives. Ask people outside your immediate area if they would be able to shelter you and your pets (or just your pets) if necessary. If you have more than one pet, you may need to arrange to house them at separate locations.
  • If you need to evacuate, take your pets with you. If it's not safe for you, it's not safe for them.

    • Ensure you have a pet crate or cage for your animal(s) to be transported or held in while accommodation is being sought.
    • Ensure your evacuation place will take your pets. Or have contact details for kennels, catteries and pet-friendly motels.

Check the Emergency planning checklist for pets provided by Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).


If you have livestock in your care you will have to take different precautions to ensure their safety.

Check the Emergency planning checklist for livestock and horses provided by MPI.

Other resources and guides

For detailed advice about preparing plans for your pets and other animals including checklists and guides, visit MPI website.

Check our lifestyle block emergency preparedness guide specifically developed for lifestyle block owners.