Declaration and Designation


Fri 3 Mar

Auckland Emergency Management is transitioning from response to recovery as National States of Emergency have ended for some regions, including Auckland.

A transition period enables a seamless transition from the emergency response phase to the recovery stage. The powers available in a transition period are similar to those available under a state of emergency, though slightly more limited. Under a transition period, the powers sit with Recovery Managers, rather than Controllers.

Powers available to Controllers under a state of emergency are intended to deliver an effective and swift response to an emergency. The powers available to Recovery Managers under a transition period are designed to help with the immediate, medium-term, and long-term recovery of communities following an emergency.

For us this means impacted communities will still be our priority to support during this transition. We will have continued operations to provide essential supplies like food, water, and fuel to the likes of Karekare, Muriwai, and Piha.

A state of emergency lasts for seven days unless extended or terminated earlier. A national transition period lasts for 90 days (unless extended or terminated earlier).

For more on what powers are available under a transition period.

Thurs 9 Feb, 5pm

Mayor Wayne Brown has today extended the local state of emergency for the Auckland region for a further 7 days.

The Mayor made this decision following advice from emergency management officials.    

The Mayor has been advised that Police continue to believe emergency powers remain helpful in supporting Auckland Council to exercise its powers under the Building Act 2004, and that emergency powers for the relief of distress, including emergency food, clothing, and shelter, continue to be needed by Te Whatu Ora: Health New Zealand and welfare response partners.

The advice on which the Mayor based his decision was provided to him at 4.00pm on Thursday 9 February, and the declaration was signed soon after.

Read the Mayor’s announcement about the declaration extension here.

Fri 3 Feb, 1:06pm

Mayor Wayne Brown has today extended the local state of emergency for the Auckland region for a further 7 days noting that it could be terminated early if circumstances permit. 

The Mayor made this decision following advice from emergency management officials.    

The extension is necessary because Auckland remains in the response phase with new damage and risks to the public continuing to be reported, meaning access to emergency powers is still required.  

This significant event continues to require a coordinated response alongside our partner agencies given the scale and widespread nature of the emergency. 


What is the local state of emergency | Get Ready Website


What is a designation?

Designations are areas of land set aside for network utilities or large public works:

  • roads
  • telecommunications facilities
  • schools
  • prisons.

They are also known as 'designated areas' and are identified in chapter K of the Auckland Unitary Plan.

Once a designation is in the plan, the proposed works can be carried out at any time.

The authority responsible does not have to comply with Unitary Plan rules, but they do need to notify us by submitting an outline plan of works.

Designations and outline plans | Auckland Council Website

Designation response to January 2023 storm

The whole Auckland region has been "designated" under the Building Act 2004 to help manage ongoing risks to people from buildings affected by flooding and land instability as a result of the January 2023 storm event.

About this designation

The designation allows us to take specific actions under the Building Act to manage buildings in an emergency.

The decision to designate the region was made by the mayor of Auckland at 7pm on 30 January 2023 and the designation took effect on 1 February 2023.

Designated area

  • The designated area extends across the entire Auckland region, from Warkworth to Pukekohe and including Great Barrier Island.
  • The area designated will be reviewed once Rapid Building Assessments are completed.

Powers under a designation

The Building Act provides us a number of powers that may be exercised in respect to all buildings within the designated area, including the ability to:

  • enter buildings
  • complete post-event assessments
  • direct the evacuation of buildings
  • put in place measures for protecting buildings and keeping people at a safe distance
  • place notices and signs on buildings
  • direct the owners of building or land to provide information
  • direct works (urgent and non-urgent) to remove or reduce risks
  • direct works for long-term use or occupation of a building

Check the link below for more details:

Designation response to January 2023 storm | Auckland Council Website