Insurance and Claims Resolution

Homeowners who are impacted by any natural disasters should talk to their insurer in the first instance.

Your insurer is always your best point of contact. They will assess and manage the full insurance claim, including any EQCover portion on behalf of Toka Tū Ake EQC. Your timeline and next steps may be different to your neighbour or friend, so contact your insurer with any questions you may have.

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Temporary accommodation insurance benefits

Most house and contents policies include temporary accommodation benefits. These vary from policy to policy in terms of the total dollar amount available and, or, how long they apply for. Talk directly to your insurer to understand what cover you have and what it can be used for. Care is needed in considering how long it might be before you return to your regular home when considering how best to make such benefits last.

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Settlement timeframes

It is in the best interests of customers and insurers alike to settle claims quickly. Most simple vehicle and contents claims can be settled within a matter of weeks or months. When it comes to building work, including strip out and re-lining, more significant repair work to damaged property or complete re-builds, a useful starting point is to consider how long such work would take under normal circumstances.

Properties have to be properly dry before re-lining can be completed. In some cases, it might then be necessary to allow additional time before decorating can be completed. More involved building work might ordinarily take months, and rebuilds typically take over a year, even in the best of times.   

Complex residential land damage

EQCover claims for damaged residential land may require several steps to occur in a particular order before a settlement outcome is determined. These claims can often take longer to reach the settlement stage than other types of insurance claims due to the complexities involved (e.g. landslips). Talk to your insurer early to learn about the process for dealing with EQCover land claims. 

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Concerns about moving back?

In many cases, people are keen to get a cash settlement or repair managed by their insurer underway as soon as possible. Insurers do though understand that some people have genuine concerns which means that they want to wait before proceeding with the settlement. Just call your insurer and let them know. 

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New Zealand Claims Resolution Service (NZCRS)

If you have concerns about your claim or are unsure about the process, you can contact the NZCRS at 0508 624 327, email  or visit

The NZCRS has been established to provide expert support to homeowners with insurance claims after natural disasters to avoid disputes and resolve issues. It is a free service that provides residential homeowners with independent advice, case management support where appropriate and access to legal, technical and well-being services to help them achieve fair and enduring resolution of their residential insurance claims resulting from natural disasters.

NZCRS replaces the Residential Advisory Service (RAS) and the Greater Christchurch Claims Resolution Service (GCCRS) that were set up to deal with the aftermath of the Canterbury earthquakes.

Recovering after a flood

For information on building assessments, reducing flood risk and rebuilding your property after a flood, visit the Auckland Council website.