Information for owners and occupiers and neighbours of homes at risk from slips

Following Cyclone Gabrielle, land in some areas remains unstable, particularly after rain. New landslides could occur and existing landslides could reactivate. 

Properties next to, above or below those already affected by landslides could also be at an increased risk of further landslides. 

In many areas, cliff top properties without extra stability measures, such as deep piled retaining walls, have experienced cliff collapse below them. These properties and nearby properties could suffer further damage. 

What to do 

If in doubt - get out. 

If your house has a red ‘entry prohibited’ placard, you must stay out. 

If your house has a yellow ‘restricted access’ placard, follow the directions on the placard and consider not entering the property during a severe weather event. 

If your house is next to a property with a placard, or if you see any signs of instability, or if you are concerned about the stability of the land around your house, we recommend you are extra cautious during this likely severe weather event. Consider finding alternative accommodation during heavy rain.  

What to look out for 

Many landslides show some early warning signs in the minutes or hours before they occur. Common warning signs include: 

  • new cracking in the ground around your house  
  • recent movement such as leaning power poles, trees, and retaining walls 
  • muddy water flowing down slopes or springs forming
  • loss of power or other utilities 
  • new cracks appearing inside the house eg, in gib/plaster, tiles 
  • jamming doors and windows can be a warning sign but are common in humid conditions, so if this occurs look for other warning signs 
  • unusual sounds such as trees cracking, rumbling or rocks falling or knocking together 
  • pavements sinking or finding new rocks, soil, or other debris on or around your house and property. 

After a landslide 

If you feel it is unsafe to remain in your home or you have been ordered to evacuate, go to a designated evacuation centre or other safe place. 

Stay away from a slip area. More slipping could occur. 

If it’s safe, check for injured and trapped persons without entering the direct slip area. If you find an injured person, phone 111 and direct rescuers to their location. 

If you are planning to make some remediation and repair work to your property, you can find this Slope Stability quick guide from MBIE: North Island severe weather events 2023 remediation and repair

You can find more information on building repair and restoring your home after flooding on the Building Assessment link.