Building Assessments

Auckland Council continues undertaking rapid building assessments across Tāmaki Makaurau to help determine:

  • whether a building is safe to occupy
  • whether a building poses a potential safety risk to people and other property
  • whether land instability poses a potential risk.

Initial assessments are rapid – taking about 20 minutes – and can sometimes be completed by inspectors from outside the building, without needing to enter.

What will happen after a rapid building assessment

Following a rapid building assessment, a building will receive either a white, yellow or red placard – or sticker.

  • A red placard means re-entry is prohibited because the building is no longer safe or significantly compromised.
  • A yellow placard means assessors have concerns about the building’s performance and have restricted entry to part of the building or allow temporary use of the building.
  • A white placard means the property may have minor damage but is sufficiently safe and habitable.
If your property has a placard, you should receive an email from the council with a Placard Status Letter confirming your current placard status, as well as your RFS number. If you have not yet received a letter, please email with your name, email address, phone number and the type of placard you have on your property.
If your home has received a red placard you need to obtain authorisation from Auckland Emergency Management before you may enter your property, whether it is within a security cordon or not. Managed temporary access may not be permitted if safety concerns do not allow it.

If you are concerned about your home or building and would like to request a building assessment, please call on 0800 22 22 00. 

For a full overview of the flood-damaged building inspections process, including factsheets outlining the placards in more detail and guides to making repairs, visit the Auckland Council website | Building assessments for flood and cyclone damaged properties.

placard change/ removal process

The placards are a legal instruction. Only authorised officials can place, change, remove or advise on removing them. White placards are an exception as they expire 21 days after they are issued and can then be removed by the owner.

If your property has a placard, as we proceed through our recovery operation, you will receive an email from us with a letter attached. This letter confirms your current placard status and your Request for Service (RFS) number. If your placard status changes, you will receive an updated status letter.

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