Volunteer to support your community

Community members and volunteer organisations play a vital role in our community’s preparation for, response to, and recovery from an emergency.

volunteer with us: Auckland response team

Our Auckland Response Teams are the hands-on teams that we look to deploy following an emergency event. They are trained as the qualified emergency responders and work with emergency services to support them, help with evacuation, manage Civil Defence Centres etc. 

We have 2 teams across Auckland: NZ-RT3 and NZ-RT5

Know more about the Auckland Response Teams and how you can join.

volunteer with our partners

We work with partner agencies such as Red Cross, Salvation Army, Lions club NZ, Neighbourhood Support and many others who provide services & know their local community well. We work with these agencies on a wide range of things, such as community resilience planning, community open days or even to call upon in an emergency if required. We take this approach as we believe it is the way we can best serve our communities, with the help of the people who know their local community best. To find out more about volunteering with some of our partners please visit their websites or check Volunteering Auckland below.

Amateur Radio Emergency Communications (AREC) (arec.nz)

New Zealand Red Cross

volunteering auckland

Volunteering Auckland is an association of volunteer centres and national and other organisations with a commitment to volunteering.

They can put you in touch with a number of volunteering opportunities.