Working together to build a resilient Auckland

Working together to build a resilient Auckland, He tāpui tāngata hei āhuru mōwai mo Tāmaki Makaurau, is the vision for the Auckland Civil Defence and Emergency Management (CDEM) Group Plan 2016-2021 (the Group Plan).

The Group Plan presents the vision and goals of the Auckland CDEM Group for this period, how Auckland will achieve this vision, and a framework for measuring progress. It is designed to be the five-year strategic plan for the Auckland CDEM Group, key partners and stakeholders involved in CDEM functions, as well as the public within the Auckland region.

Its aim is to provide for a coordinated and integrated approach to the way significant risks and hazards are managed in Auckland. This will help ensure the community’s social, economic, cultural and environmental well-being, as well as safety of people and property.

The Group Plan is designed to ensure communities are prepared when a disaster strikes.

Each CDEM group in Aotearoa is required to have a group plan.  This plan is a statutory requirement under the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002. The current plan was prepared by the Auckland CDEM Group and came into effect in August 2016.


  • 3/12/2021- Appendix 1 updated
  • 14/06/2022- Appendix 1 updated

Our Group Plan is being reviewed

The current Auckland group plan is being reviewed by the Auckland CDEM Group.
The draft document will be made available for public consultation in due course and the consultation period will be advertised prior to this.
The Auckland Emergency Management website will be updated with this information.


Requirements of a Group Plan

  • The statutory requirement is for CDEM Groups to commence a review of their group plan if it has been operative for five years or more.
  • A CDEM group plan remains operative for the period specified in the plan but if the plan is not replaced before the close of that period, it continues in force until replaced.
  • Each CDEM Group must, under Section 26 of the Civil Defence Management Act 2002, appoint a suitably qualified and experienced person as the Group Controller and Recovery Manager for its area. The list within the Group Plan documents is subject to change.