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Volunteer to help your friends, family and community before, during and after emergencies.

West Response Team

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We are currently recruiting for the South Auckland Response Teams, which will be based at Ardmore Airport. This is a new team, and expressions of interest are open until July 12, 2024. Once recruitment is complete, we will reach out to the selected members with further details.

Interested to join our Auckland Response team? please contact us at

Please note, as these teams require a high level of endurance, you are required to pass a medical and fitness test to be eligible for these teams. 

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New Zealand Response Teams (NZRTs) are groups of people from the community, who volunteer their time in emergencies to help when the emergency services are overwhelmed. Our Auckland Response Teams- these are the hands-on teams we look to deploy as part of the response to an emergency.

When activated the Auckland Response Teams are an operational response arm of Auckland Emergency Management and their activities are coordinated through the Emergency Coordination Centre. They are trained to professional standards as emergency resource that can complement or support the emergency services if the size of an incident or event is beyond what they can usually manage.

In Auckland, we have two Response Teams:

NZRT3 West Auckland

Established in 1984, the team is registered as a non-profit emergency response trust based around the Henderson area of West Auckland, serving the wider Auckland community. Learn more about the team.

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NZRT5 North Shore

Established in 1988, the team is based in the Sunnynook area and takes pride in its long history serving the Auckland community. Follow NZRT5 on Facebook.


Our Auckland Response Teams train from 7-9 pm each Tuesday. Team members develop various emergency skills to recognised standards in these weekly training sessions including a wide range of practices such as workplace safety, land search and rescue, advanced first aid and communication. These sessions are provided as part of the Emergency Management, Risk, Health and Safety and Operational training to undertake the required tasks safely and competently to work alongside the emergency services professionals. The skills are tested now and again in scenario-based exercises and competitions.

The teams also bring community knowledge, enthusiasm, and energy. 


  • Impact assessment including investigating and gathering information
  • Helping with evacuation, security, and cordon and traffic control
  • Supporting incident management and communications
  • Providing initial medical support
  • Giving public advice, messages and/or warnings
  • Locating and recovering trapped and injured persons